The first time I remember a camera was when I huddled with my family and gave a million-dollar smile for a photograph. My IT profession took a turn in a click and a few more. My idea of science was not only an experiment with light and time but also an art of narration. After my engineering degree, I applied for an International Postgraduate Diploma Photography Course at NICC, Bangalore.

Photography is a way of showing the inherent art and beauty of an object. Unlike a million snapshots, a good photograph stays true to that perfect moment. Like a written narrative, my photographs share my perspective.

Personally, the greatest of ideas arise from a state of measured calm and peace, but when in a shoot, I thrive on spontaneity. From food to fashion photography, every genre has its own creative angle. Black & white photography is a personal favorite, it’s the most challenging and captivating of genres.

Previously, I’ve worked at FWD Life, a premium lifestyle magazine based in Kerala. Moving at my own pace, I’m currently freelancing. The genre I enjoy doing a lot is Architectural Photography. The other genres that I do are Product, Food, and Fashion Photography. I have also started to take up cinematography projects as well.