” The first time he remembers a camera was when he huddled up for a family photograph and gave a million dollar smile. His IT profession all took a turn in a click and a few more. The only science he wanted to be a part of was narrating stories in light and time.  After his engineering degree, he applied for an International Postgraduate Diploma Photography course at NICC, Bangalore. “Photography is the way of showing art and beauty of an object,” he says. Unlike capturing a million photographs, he believes it’s worth staying in the moment to capture perfection. A clear cut view through the lens, he shares with the world.  He admits that the greatest ideas arise in calm and peace, but during a shoot his gusto makes a shoot lively. From dramatic fashion shoots, to capturing food at sumptuous angles and classic product photography, it’s framed in creativity. Black and white street photography is the one he appreciates the most, to him it’s the most challenging yet captivating. He previously worked at FWD Life, a premium lifestyle magazine based at Kerala. Moving at his own pace, he’s currently freelancing. He has done projects for hotels, resorts and boutiques. His clients include, DYU Art Café (Bangalore),Casino Hotel (Kochi), Coconut Lagoon( Kumarakom), Palais de Mahé (Pondicherry), and Maison Perumal ( Pondicherry.)